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New Cryptocurrency

Pioneering The Nest Wave Of Blockchain Technology. 100% Fair Launch. Stealth Launch. Bitcoin Rewards 

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Join NCCM and enjoy a lifetime of Bitcoin rewards, adding value to every transaction. Join the revolution in cryptocurrency and elevate your financial journey with the endless possibilities of NCCM. Secure, rewarding, and innovative – start your crypto adventure today!

New Cryptocurrency is here to give back value to all lovers of memes and to make memecoins great again.

Fair launched with no dev or team tokens, zero taxes, audited contract, and amazing utilities. New Cryptocurrency is a coin for the people, forever.

new cryptocurrency
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The regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies is evolving rapidly. NCCM is committed to staying ahead of the curve, working proactively to comply with regulations and foster a positive relationship with authorities.

Unlike pump-and-dump schemes that often leave investors in the lurch, New Cryptocurrency Money NCCM thrives on community engagement. A robust and active community ensures the project’s continuous development, with transparency and inclusivity as its guiding principles.

Coming Soon

Contract Address

New Cryptocurrency Money

Token Name




Total Supply

Bep-20 – Bitcoin peg

Token Type


 BTC Reward




Auto Liquidity

Big Plans For New Cryptocurrency

Phase 1

Team Expansion
Social Media Growth
Contract Creation
Website Deployment
100% Fair Launch

Phase 2

Launch on PancakeSwap
Global Marketing Campaign
Competitions and Events
One Million Market Cap

Phase 3

CMC/CG Listings
100x ICO Listing 
Paid Advertising
NFT Marketplace

Phase 4

Staking & P2E Games
Global Partnership
Reaching Out To LL Cool J
100 Million Market Cap

new cryptocurrency projects

1. Create a Wallet.

Download Trust Wallet from the app store or google play store for free.

new cryptocurrency pool

2. Get Some BNB Smart Chain in your wallet.

If you don’t have any, you can buy from another exchange and send it to your wallet.

new cryptocurrency listing

3. Connect to Pancakeswap.

Click on browser icon, select pancakeswap and connect your wallet. Search for the $NC token with the help of the smart contract address.

new cryptocurrency launch

4. Swap

Swap BNB for $NC.

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